Scholarly IQ Introduces ORCA

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Helotes, TX. | May 30, 2023

Introducing ORCA

The independent usage analytics service for COUNTER processed Open Access item reporting

Scholarly iQ are delighted to announce the launch of ORCA ‘Open Research Content Analytics’ to help provide industry wide reporting of COUNTER processed metrics for Open Access usage at the Item Level.

ORCA provides a simple, fast implementation as well as key best practice reports and embedded reporting to deliver trusted OA usage metrics for any publisher and their OA stakeholders.

ORCA is designed to:

  • Provide trusted measurement usage metrics vs unaccredited publisher specific claims
  • Provide funders, authors, researchers and institutions with embedded COUNTER processed usage metrics for their content.
  • Deliver trusted item level, granular value
  • Pivot on item content for author, source and funder attribution
  • Understand impact and demonstrate comparable value of OA and transformative business models.
  • Report genuine readership, reach, impact and value
  • Analyse subject area, research and author trends in specific markets and segments
  • Identify market penetration to known institutions and organisations as well as opportunities for new content, authors and audiences - increasing reach and adoption

For additional information, visit the Scholarly IQ website or contact them directly via