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Most Recent Findings from Ithaka S&R 2022 Library Survey

Most Recent Findings from Ithaka S&R 2022 Library Survey

March 2023

From the Executive Summary

The Ithaka S+R Library Survey has examined leadership and strategic perspectives in the field by surveying library deans and directors nationally on a triennial basis since 2010. The research project’s overarching goals are to provide the library community with a valuable data source to inform decision making and track the emerging opportunities and challenges leaders face in steering their organizations. In fall 2022, we surveyed library leaders at not-for-profit four-year academic institutions across the United States, with a response rate of 42 percent based on 612 responses.

In this sixth iteration of the project, we continued to track high-level issues of strategy, leadership, budget, staffing, and institutional alignment. We also introduced new batteries of questions related to broader trends in higher education, including remote and hybrid learning, talent retention, and research data management, and expanded our coverage of open access and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA).

Key findings include:

  • Priorities continue to shift from collections to services. 
  • For roughly half of respondents, convincing campus leaders of the library’s value proposition remains a challenge. 
  • Student academic success remains a top priority across institution types. 
  • Information literacy may not have kept up with today’s needs. 
  • Many library deans and directors are grappling with talent management and recruitment challenges. 
  • Confidence in library and institutional DEIA initiatives is waning. 
  • Deans and directors see an increasingly open future—one they believe will result in an increase in costs for their institution. 

Review those findings as detailed in the survey report (available here).