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For Publishers: Images & Accessibility

For Publishers: Images & Accessibility

August 2022

An Action Plan for Ensuring Accessible Images

Some Quick Tips from the Scholarly Kitchen Post

Recommended Next Steps

  • Enlist subject experts — ideally authors — to ensure in-line graphics and image collections include rich descriptive metadata.
  • Pivot to inclusive design practices, where the disabled reader experience is an integral part of product design and content development.
  • Institute best practices and relevant data standards that encourage and incentivize creating and distributing images with rich descriptions.
  • Get a seat at the table in WCAG and other standards groups. This is a key way to both learn about and influence the creation of standards governance, as well as to establish a productive network of colleagues across the supply chain.
  • Engage with your disabled readers, customers, authors, and other stakeholders; it is critical to seek direct feedback from disabled users.