All About NISO Plus 2022

Remember back in May’s Information Organized newsletter, when we confirmed that next year’s NISO Plus conference will once again be fully virtual and will take place on February 15–17, 2022? We promised that we would share more news, and last week, in a series of posts on the NISO Plus blog (summarized here), that’s just what we did! 

First, we’re excited to announce that, following the success of the first two NISO Plus conferences and the scholarship program associated with them (designed to support under- and unrepresented voices in our community), we now plan to develop the NISO Plus concept further, in support of our strategic plan. We’ll be exploring opportunities for other smaller meetings, including—we hope—taking NISO Plus on the road around the world when it’s safe to do so. We also plan to seek additional funding to support and expand the NISO Plus scholarship program and develop a NISO Plus mentorship program.To help us with these plans, we’ve formed a NISO Plus Advisory Committee, which brings together a wonderful group of information professionals from around the world, several of whom will also be involved in planning the NISO Plus conference. For more information, see NISO Plus Is Growing!

Speaking of which, we are also lucky to once again have the support of a diverse and global Planning Committee for NISO Plus 2022. They’re a mix of new faces and people who were involved this year, and they collectively represent all our key stakeholder groups—libraries, content providers, and the service and infrastructure providers that support them. We’re currently organizing a kickoff meeting with the group in late August, after which the Committee will be meeting weekly between September and December, working hard to bring you another unmissable event. Read the full post here!

We are very grateful to all the volunteers who are helping us continue to increase the value of NISO Plus to our community. And we are also very grateful to our sponsor organizations, seven of whom have already booked their 2022 sponsorships—Access Innovations, Bowker, Cadmore Media, HighWire, OCLC, Project Muse, and the University of Rhode Island Libraries. We hope that they will soon be joined by other information organizations that want to play a part in making NISO Plus 2022 affordable and accessible for all. Learn more in this blog post and, if you’re interested, please check out our sponsorship page or feel free to drop us an email at

Last but not least, we’re delighted to share updates on several of our 2020 and 2021 scholarship recipients, who have recently changed jobs, been promoted, and gained recognition for their contributions. Please join us in congratulating Kimberly Arleth, Lieke Boerefijn, Kelly Denzer, Jessica Nombrano Larsen, Michelle Courtney Lee, Gabriela Mejias, and Raymond Pun. You can learn more about their achievements in our latest News about NISO Plus Scholarship Recipients