ISSN International Centre Completes Pilot with Springer Nature

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Paris, France | July 2, 2021

The ISSN International Centre, with academic publisher Springer Nature, has just completed constructing a new, centralized process for the assignment of International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN) to periodicals and books series published by Springer Nature and its brands which include Springer, Nature Portfolio, BMC, Palgrave Macmillan and Scientific American. It involves the automatedISSN assignment to pre-publications through transfer of metadata from Springer Nature to the ISSN International Centre which dispatches the metadata to ISSN National Centres, e.g. ISSN Germany, ISSN Singapore, ISSN Switzerland, ISSN UK and ISSN USA.

The completion of the pilot offers both the ISSN Network and the publisher enhanced workflow benefits.

Springer Nature has one point of contact for all new ISSN assignments and can use a unique and internationally recognized standard identifier to track serial publications in its internal production system and in transactions with business partners.

The ISSN International Centre can quickly populate and update the ISSN Portal in an earlier publishing stage while significantly improving the overall identification of journals and books series. 1,309 Springer Nature new titles were identified in 2020 compared to 457 in 2010 and 593 in 2015. ISSN National Centres greatly contribute by updating the description when the publication is eventually issued. The 2020 ISSN International Centre Activity Report provides the complete description of the workflow including statistics.

“The ISSN Network is the interface between the publishing community and the library and content provider communities. Our cooperation with a major global publisher like Springer Nature through the timely exchange of metadata greatly improves the relevance of our information services on the ISSN Portal”, says Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Centre. Rembert Wohlers, Data Manager, Springer Nature commented : ‘We are proud to have worked with the ISSN International Centre, with the support of the German ISSN Centre to initiate a new and unique workflow of ISSN assignments. As an international publisher, we can handle numerous ISSN application workflows with different national ISSN Centres, depending on the place of publication. This can be time-consuming. The new centralized process streamlines that workflow ensuring, collectively, we can deliver a more efficient process out to the community.”

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The ISSN International Centre is an intergovernmental organization located in Paris which manages the identification and the description of serial publications and ongoing resources, print and online, in all disciplines and at the international level. In 2021, the ISSN Network comprises 93 member countries and ISSN Centres whose activities are coordinated by the ISSN International Centre. The latter is also responsible for maintaining and publishing the ISSN Portal ( and its related services, i.e. Directory of Open Access Scholarly Journals, Enhanced Transfer Alerting System and Keepers Registry.

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