Tony Alves Joins Highwire as Senior VP, Product Management

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Tony Alves is now part of the Executive Leadership Team as Senior Vice President, Product Management at HighWire. Alves has 30 years’ experience in scholarly communications including 20 years leading Product Management at Aries Systems.

Alves leads HighWire’s product team, and has full responsibility for advancing HighWire’s product portfolio and directing future innovation. Alves is well positioned with expertise successfully developing solutions for editorial and production workflow management, and soliciting and integrating new product ideas and new market opportunities from key stakeholders. In addition, Alves’ active and engaged participation in the broader scholarly publishing ecosystem has earned him a reputation for facilitating collaboration across organizations, leading the Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) initiative, for example, alongside HighWire Founder John Sack. 

“We’re delighted to have Tony Alves on board, as his years of deep Product Management expertise, as well as his active participation in the industry will benefit the Company, and will also prove invaluable to the communities we serve,” says Rahul Arora, CEO of MPS.

“From the earliest moments collaborating with Tony on the MECA initiative, Tony’s talents were very clear to me,” commented John Sack, HighWire Press founder. “Tony is superb at partnering — MECA was challenging because it was a partnership of competitors — and many of us look forward to having a new colleague with these skills and broad industry knowledge and participation.”

“Joining MPS to help shape the future of HighWire innovation is very exciting,” commented Alves. “Both MPS and HighWire have such rich histories and reputations as forward thinking and supportive partners to their constituent communities, and I look forward to fusing customer insight with the strong capabilities of our product and development teams to optimize our platforms for cutting edge applications.” 

About This Organization

HighWire is now powered by MPS Limited, a leading global provider of content, platforms, and learning solutions to some of the world’s top publishers, educational institutes and corporations. With over 200 clients spread across geographies, MPS is powered by 2,500 employees distributed across seven development centers in India, two subsidiaries in Europe, and five offices in the United States. MPS is a 50-year old company with deep roots in scholarly publishing, having been started by Macmillan (Macmillan Publishing Services) to offer technology services to the publishing community, but now acting as an independent technology vendor.