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Interview with Lori Carlin, CCO, Delta Think

Interview with Lori Carlin, CCO, Delta Think

May 2021

Delta Think is proud to have been a sponsor of NISO Plus. We’re big believers in standards and best practices that help the scholarly communications community from libraries, to publishers, to membership organizations evolve and thrive. The seamless integration of technology and content is essential to meet the needs of today’s customer. Standards are essential for this process. Successful organizations anticipate change. They monitor their impact and make data-driven decisions to grow and innovate and manage change.

Delta Think consulting and advisory support focuses on helping our clients anticipate, create, and manage change. Since inception, Delta Think has served more than 120 organizations across the scholarly enterprise to perform deep analyses, develop customer insights, and create effective strategies of all kinds for the full enterprise or within a particular product, service, or portfolio segment. 

The Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool (OA DAT) provides organizations with the insights necessary to make continual, intelligent, data-driven decisions about Open Access. This independent overview incorporates expert commentary with a highly visual presentation of market trends. By combining, organizing, and updating disparate data sets which have been historically difficult to use together, OA DAT provides collated, curated, and normalized data and analysis, from an unbiased and objective viewpoint. Adding anonymized survey data of publishers’ actual activities to normalized market data allows for a thorough analysis of the total market and your position in it.

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