EBSCO Information Services Announces Panorama™ Analytics

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Ipswich, Mass | March 31, 2021

IPSWICH, Mass. — March 31, 2021 — EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) announces the release of Panorama™, a modern library analytics platform combining different library and campus data sets to enable insights from a streamlined platform. Panorama offers visualization tools and a central dashboard to collect, manipulate and display data to help the library demonstrate its impact and make informed collection decisions.

Panorama’s features include a self-service platform for data discovery, default and custom visual dashboards and customizable data sources. These features were created to help libraries demonstrate their value to the academic institution, support new programs and make informed decisions for library spending while developing the most effective collections for their patrons.

University of Denver, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Chalmers University of Technology partnered with EBSCO in the preliminary stages of Panorama’s development and assisted in the examination of data, construction of data pipelines and the validation of dashboards. Additional partners included University of South Carolina, the University of Melbourne and Seton Hall University, which participated in platform development by testing data pipelines, extending data sources covered and providing additional feedback on dashboards.

EBSCO Information Services Director of Product Management John McDonald says Panorama was created to provide libraries with the tools they need to demonstrate their value and make informed decisions for serving their patrons. “EBSCO created Panorama not only to improve the workflow processes for academic libraries, but to provide them with real-time insights on collections and services to make evidence-based decisions and reinforce the library’s value to the institution.”

Dean of Libraries at University of Denver Michael Levine-Clark says Panorama is a way to be more proactive. “Panorama connects multiple data sources together to surface new insights on user engagement with the Library. At DU, we’ll be able to move from reactive, one-time, data analysis to more real-time analysis of trends and predictive analysis around how our patrons benefit from our collections and services. Using data to prove that the library is contributing to the educational mission of the university is one of the most important strategic endeavors in our future.”

Library Director Rensselaer of Polytechnic Institute Andrew White says being part of the development of Panorama is a way to help libraries. “The integration of library analytics with other academic and administrative higher education metrics is a major step forward to demonstrating library impact and value.”

Panorama is expected to be available in April 2021 with capabilities for integration with EBSCO Discovery Service™ and the FOLIO Library Services Platform. For more information, visit: https://www.ebsco.com/products/panorama.