W3C Invites Comment on First Public Working Draft of WCAG 3.0

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Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0

W3C WAI invites you to comment on the First Public Working Draft of WCAG 3.0:
W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0

WCAG 3 is intended to be easier to understand and more flexible than WCAG 2. The flexibility is to address different types of web content, apps, and tools -- as well as organizations and people with disabilities. WCAG 3 has a significantly different approach than WCAG 2. It has a different name, structure, conformance model, and scope. The plan is for WCAG 3 to include most of the accessibility requirements (“success criteria”) from WCAG 2 and include additional accessibility requirements. The WCAG 3 development schedule goes into 2023.

This First Public Working Draft includes:
- proposed structure
- draft conformance model
- 5 draft example guidelines

*Please start by reading the*
     *WCAG 3 Introduction*

That is the main page for up-to-date WCAG 3 information. For now, it introduces how WCAG 3 is structured, the draft conformance model, and how it relates to WCAG 2.

For review:
The main goal of this review is to get input on the structure and conformance model in this draft. Guidance for reviewers is in the blog post:
     WCAG 3 FPWD Published
There are also specific questions for reviewers throughout the WCAG 3 draft document.

We also welcome comments on ways that the Working Group can better support your review, feedback, or inclusion in the process of creating this standard.

To comment, please open a new issue in the WCAG 3 (Silver) GitHub repository:
If this is not feasible, send email to:
Please send comments by *26 February 2021*.