NISO Statement on the Protests in America and Social Justice

Communities of color have for centuries been subject to frequent—and oftentimes violent—mistreatment, harassment, and oppression. The recent death of George Floyd continues this troubling pattern, which is fraying our society. The peaceful expression of protest against specific acts of violence or the general conditions that lead to those acts is a fundamental right, which NISO wholeheartedly supports. 

Expanding diversity and inclusion within NISO is a key priority and, at its May meeting, our Board reiterated the need to advance this core value within our community.  As an organization that is committed to helping achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion, NISO stands with all individuals and organizations that share these goals.

Our offices are in Baltimore, not far from where Freddie Gray was arrested—which ultimately led to his death in police custody in 2015—and the epicenter of the subsequent protests and unrest.For all of us at NISO, this new round of protests is particularly wrenching, given how many of the scenes are being repeated and how slow the pace of change has been. By this point, it should be clear to everyone that Black Lives Matter.

Todd Carpenter
Executive Director
NISO (National Information Standards Organization)