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An Interview with Cynthia Hudson-Vitale

An Interview with Cynthia Hudson-Vitale

January 2020

Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Head of Research Informatics and Publishing at the Pennsylvania State University Libraries, recently sat down with Jill O'Neill of NISO to discuss work being accomplished through the Data Curation Network. Listen in to hear her responses to these and other questions:

  1. You’ve referenced the data curation workshops as a key educational initiative and the important role they play in developing basic practices for working with research data. What is the format for those workshops? Who gets to attend?
  2. Would you explain for the NISO audience how research data curation might differ from a larger discussion of research data management? Is curation in this context something with which only librarians are concerned?  What is the CURATED framework?
  3. You indicated that attendees of these workshops are asked to help the community by working in small groups to develop data curation primers.  Where can other professionals (who may not have either the resources or available time to attend a data curation workshop) find those primers?  
  4. What issues might be facing the information community, with regard to ensuring discoverability and re-use of data sets? What might be some initial steps or manageable ways of addressing those issues?

Click the play button below to listen to the recording: