Current ISO Ballots

NISO Voting members participate in the development, revision, and evaluation of standards. Voting members are able to influence the standards process and mold the future of the industry. The following NISO ballots are open and will close before the next newsletter is distributed. If you are a NISO Voting Member, log into your NISO page and you'll see the ballots linked there.

New Work Item Proposal: Revision and Replacement of the Third Edition of ISO TC 46-SC 9 690, Guidelines for Bibliographic references and citations to information resources
This International Standard gives guidelines for the preparation of bibliographic references. It also gives guidelines for the preparation of citations in Latin scriptsin works that are not themselves primarily bibliographical. It is applicable to bibliographic references andcitations to all kinds of information resources. This fourth edition willcancel and replace the third edition of ISO 690:2010, which has been technically revised and updated. This ballot closes on Jan. 12, 2017.

ISO/FDIS 15836-1, Information and documentation -- The Dublin Core metadata element set -- Part 1: Core elements
This draft document establishes 15 core metadata elements for cross-domain resource description. These terms are part of a larger set of metadata vocabularies maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Properties in the /terms/ namespace are included in ISO 15836-2. This ballot closes on Jan. 23, 2017.

ISO TC 46 Resolution by correspondence WG4 convenor for 2017-2020
To allow the future revision of ISO 5127 "Foundations and Vocabulary of information and documentation" according to ISO/TC 46 RESOLUTION 2015-05, it is now proposed to renew the nomination of the WG 4 convenor by correspondence. This ballot closes on Jan. 27, 2017.

New Work Item Proposal: Description and presentation of rights information in digital collections
The proposed standard provides guidelines on how to describe rights information for digital collections and where to present rights information in the pages of such collections. This ballot closes on Jan. 29, 2017.