NISO Professional Development Events in August 2016

How Librarians Use, Implement and Can Support Researcher Identifiers
Developed in Partnership with NASIG
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
1:00 P.M.-2:30 P.M. (EDT)

Consistency in metadata is repeatedly discussed as a problem in information management and delivery of digital resources. One core element of that metadata is the use of controlled vocabularies and authority control. These methods can also be applied to various elements of the research process. Recently, a variety of projects that seek to identify elements of the process that will support discovery, linking, and interaction with research outputs have gained traction within the research community. These systems and approaches include ORCID, DataCite, Crossref Funder IDs, and CREDIT. This webinar will focus on the role that libraries and publishers can play in fostering these systems in their work. In addition to updates on a few of these initiatives, the webinar will also highlight the implementation of these systems in the research lifecycle.

The following noted professionals will contribute their expertise and perspectives:

  • Attribution from a Research Library Perspective
    Micah Altman, Head Scientist, MIT Libraries Program on Information Science
  • Data, Metadata, and Data Citation: Insights from PLOS
    Emma Ganley, PhD., Chief Editor, PLOS Biology
  • How Libraries can Support the Identification and Discovery of Scholarly Output
    Ekatarina (Eka) Grguric, Fellow, North Carolina State University Libraries; Madison Sullivan, Fellow, North Carolina State University Libraries; William Cross, Director, Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center, North Carolina State University Libraries

For more details on this event, including registration information, please visit the NISO event page.

NISO Virtual Conference
Data Curation: Cultivating Past Research Data for Future Consumption
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
11:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. (EDT)

Research data is an increasingly important component of communicating science. The responsibility for providing curation support for research data is falling on libraries, repositories, and archives. Support for research data is no small task, requiring expertise in data management, field-specific metadata structures, integration and sharing issues, and, potentially, access control, rights management, and privacy concerns. Cultivation and curation of this new form of scientific information at scale is a service that many in the scholarly world expect the library to manage, and librarians are well positioned to provide.

This virtual conference will explore the many aspects of data curation, including trusted-repository certification, metadata creation and management specific to data, systems deployment issues, facilitation of data sharing services, and data control issues. Speakers will provide first-hand experience of the unique challenges involved in curating data. The session will close with a panel discussion of future trends in data management and how libraries can prepare now to address them.

Confirmed speakers include: Suzie Allard, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Jennifer Lee, University of Texas, Austin; Lisa Johnston, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Melissa Levine, University of Michigan; Rebekah Cummings, University of Utah; Ashley Clark, Northeastern University; and Ian Lamb and Nicole Contaxis, New York University Health Sciences Library.

For more details on this event, including registration information, please visit the NISO event page. Your registration for this NISO virtual conference entitles you to participate in the follow-up Training Thursday webinar, scheduled for September 8.