February 10 Webinar: The Start-Up Effect: How Startups are Changing the Culture of Scholarly Communications

For an industry that just celebrated its 350th anniversary, scholarly communications is in the midst of a period of disruption. Long established companies are joining new start-ups in fostering a culture of innovation and iteration in this once staid community. New applications, tools and even new content forms are being tested and adopted by researchers and library patrons. Understanding the drivers of this change and its broader effects will be vital to planning near- and long-term technology investments, staffing needs, and training investments.

This session will explore the organizational and cultural characteristics that support innovation from the perspective of both new and traditional organizations. It will also explore the impacts the culture of start-ups has already had on scholarly communications and what might be forthcoming from this innovative explosion.

Confirmed Speakers and Topics:

  • Small is Beautiful: The Rise of Niche Services and the Breakdown of Silos
    Melinda Kenneway, Executive Director, Kudos
  • The Web is Changing What We Publish, How We Publish, and What Happens After Publication
    Lenny Teytelman, Founder, Protocols.io
  • Doubling Up: Leveraging the Cultures of Innovation and Librarianship To Transform Scholarly Communication
    Robin Champieux, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Oregon Health & Science University

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