Change Management Webinar Series - Moving into the Future



The impact felt by institutions and organizations in this pandemic — past, present, and future — is impossible to evaluate. In less than a year, the information community has already seen both their budgets and their workforce cut. How do we move forward? How do we plan ahead for the short and longer time frames? All information organizations must re-evaluate their mission, their offerings, and their strategies in order to continue to thrive. In this final webinar of the series, roundtable participants will look to the future. They will discuss  how they and their organizations are navigating the changes, and the additional adaptations that may be required or made possible as we start to think about a post-COVID world. We’re living through a pandemic, one that has caused acceleration in community shifts that were already unfolding. How do NISO members and the broader information community navigate those changes and make the most of this opportunity to shape a better future?

Confirmed participants include Lori Carlin, Chief Commercial Officer, Delta Think; Steven Hall, Managing Director, IOP Publishing; Michael Levine-Clark, Dean of University Libraries, University of Denver; and Amy Pawlowski, Executive Director, OhioLink.

Event Sessions

Roundtable Discussion


Moderated by Todd Carpenter 

Responses from these speakers during the Roundtable touched on some of the following:

What are the general areas where you may have sensed or your organization may have been feeling the greatest need to navigate and manage change?  

How did you or your organization handle those areas where change was required? 

What did you or your organization learn from the introduction of these changes?

What long-standing arrangements, services or practices emerged from this pandemic as perhaps outdated or simply ill-suited to needs of the information community in the 21st century? What practices might need to be re-thought in the coming months or years in order to improve services or efficiencies to the community? 

What frustrations might your community have expressed about changes to service offerings or other day-to-day interactions? Were they less frustrated than you might have anticipated? 

How are you thinking about space allocation in a post-pandemic world? 

How might your workforce react to “hot desk” rotation systems or similar shifts in office arrangements? 

When thinking about space allocation, you also have to think about workflows and assigned responsibilities for staff. Have you begun to think about what might be needed in terms of adapting or changing job descriptions in these situations? 

How are you thinking about virtual environments for purposes of conferences, meetings and networking? Where do you think those offer value? And for whom? 

What are the big shifts that you see accelerating in the information community? 

How do you think the events of 2020 will reshape the priorities and strategies of the information community? What is the long-term outlook for five years down the road? Is the community prepared? 

Can you share with everyone one of your highlights of this strange time we’re living through?

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