Change Management Webinar Series - Team Building



Over the past few months, everyone has had to become accustomed to meeting in virtual environments, as well as mastering other technologies that allow us to continue to work together collaboratively — within and outside our organizations. This roundtable discussion will address both the fun side of learning new ways of working together and the deeper issues of setting expectations, accommodating different requirements, and identifying the constraints that made clear where boundaries would be needed.

Confirmed speakers in this segment include:

  • Adam Blackwell, Lead Product Manager, ProQuest
  • Jennifer Diffin, Head, Library Technical Services Section, National Library of Medicine
  • Christopher Rennie, MLIS – Lead Platform Manager, ProQuest
  • Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President, Coherent Digital
  • Rhonda Ross, Manager, Agile Marketing Team, CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. 

Event Sessions

Roundtable Discussion


Jennifer Diffin

Head, Library Technical Services Section
National Library of Medicine

Rhonda Ross

Manager, Agile Marketing Team
CAS, A Division of the American Chemical Society

Moderated by Jill O'Neill, Director of Content, NISO

Discussion during this Roundtable explored the following:

Were there initial steps that you needed to take back in the early days of the pandemic to ensure staff were properly supported and ready to work, whether by providing equipment or other forms of support (wi-fi, communication apps, flexible hours, work/home balance)? Did that change how you thought about working as a team?

What aspects of your corporate or institutional culture might have made it easier for staff to adjust from being in the office to remote work?

What might you have found necessary to do in order to on-board new employees in this pandemic?  

How have your communication practices, your day-to-day interactions with your team changed over the past seven or eight months? What new habits or practices have you developed? 

What kinds of coaching of team members might have been necessary? (Whether that be about setting up cameras for virtual meetings, etc. or other.)

How are you thinking about the productivity of your team members and the need to evaluate or measure performance of your team members?

Prior to the pandemic, how did your organization think about team-building? Was it a key priority or was it somewhat taken for granted?

How did you determine what staff needed by way of team-building when they moved to remote activity?

What do you think might be best practices in managing a team in a remote situation? What might be best practices in building a sense of participation and being part of a team and community? 

What are your priorities moving forward with regard to team-building? 

To what degree do you anticipate the team-building exercises that you’ve introduced becoming permanent in a post-pandemic environment?


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