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Change Management Webinar Series - Supporting The Workforce



During the months of full and partial lockdown, organizations have had to support their workforce in a variety of ways. Budgets have been revisited. Equipment has been provided and deployed to enable staff to work remotely. And, importantly, working practices — including meetings, staff management, deliverables, and more — have had to change, often significantly. What has the impact been on information workflows and internal systems? How did institutions and organizations in our community work to mitigate some of the significant challenges experienced by their workforce? In this webinar we will hear from information industry professionals about how they and their organizations supported the people in their workforce and what they learned they could do to support them. 

Confirmed participants in this event include: 

  • Julie Mosbo Ballestro, Associate Dean for Administrative and Faculty Services at Texas A&M University Libraries
  • Alison Denby, Vice President, Journals, Oxford University Press
  • John Shaw, Chief Technology Officer, Sage Publications
  • John Zenelis, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian, George Mason University

Note: In response to the recent circumstances surrounding COVID-19, NISO understand that staff at an increasing number of organizations are now working remotely. During this unique situation, we are allowing registrants to share the sign-on instructions with your colleagues so that they may join the broadcast directly, irrespective of where they are located.

Event Sessions

Roundtable Discussion


Julie Mosbo Ballestro

Associate Dean for Administrative and Faculty Services
Texas A&M University Libraries

John Shaw

Chief Technology Officer
Sage Publishing

John Zenelis

Dean of Libraries and University Librarian
George Mason University

Moderated by Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO

Some of the discussion addressed the following:

Please provide the NISO audience with a brief description of your organization or institution.

What steps did you take initially in trying to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on staff last spring? 

What did your organization find it needed to know about work-from-home practices or policies in order to sustain your workforce? 

How has equipment been deployed? Did you find yourselves having to rethink or revisit anything in that regard?

How were workflows and/or staff scheduling adapted or adjusted? 

What strains might have you seen with regard to existing infrastructure?

What worked? What was successful? 

How did you talk about productivity? Handle staff reviews?

What about on-boarding new staff? How was that managed?

What are your organization/institution’s current priorities in moving forward?  

What changes do you anticipate will be made permanent post-pandemic? 

Communication has been mentioned throughout the course of the discussion as being critical. How do you think you will sustain that type of critical back-and-forth with employees?

Looking further down the road, perhaps 3 years out, how do you think the workplace will have changed? What practices do you think will fade away and which might remain?  

Additional Information

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For Online Events

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