Seamless Access Presents Entity Categories and Attribute Bundles



Seamless Access

The SeamlessAccess Entity Categories and Attribute Bundles Working Group brought together 22 individuals from around the world and across different sectors to define and promote the categorization of different levels of attribute release profiles (commonly known as entity categories) associated with federated access to scholarly information resources. The group has proposed three separate categories: Authentication Only, Anonymous Authorization, and Pseudonymous Authorization. The goal is to have these categorizations and profiles adopted and/or endorsed by global research and education federations, library communities, and other stakeholder groups. This webinar will review each of these entity categories with a goal of encouraging informed feedback from the community during the public consultation period. 

Moderator:  Jason Griffey, Director, Strategic Initiatives, NISO

Featured Speaker: Heather Flanagan, Program Director,

Event Sessions

Entity Categories and Attribute Bundles