KBART: From Soup to Nuts

KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) is a NISO Recommended Practice that's been around for most of this decade. KBART concentrates on a description for metadata transfer, to support a content provider's communication of journals and monograph information to knowledge bases maintained by link-resolver vendors. It's so ubiquitous in many scenarios that librarians and publishers might easily take KBART for granted, but a closer look can reveal its utility and flexibility in the electronic product landscape and how it is put to use to support dependable end-user access to library resources.

On Monday, March 11, at 12 Noon (Eastern, US & Canada), NISO will provide a FREE 60-minute webinar to discuss KBART from soup to nuts and to highlight its value to those who use it, and those who could use it.  This webinar will take the place of the monthly NISO Open Teleconference, so there will also be opportunities for questions and answers and discussion about KBART.

Featured speakers include: Noah Levin, NISO KBART Standing Committee Co-Chair; Dominic Benson, Analytics and Discovery Officer, Brunel University London; Ben Johnson, Provider Relations Engagement Manager, ProQuest/Ex Libris; Robert Heaton, Collection Management Librarian, Utah State University Libraries; and Andrée Rathemacher, Head, Acquisitions, University of Rhode Island Libraries.

Event Sessions



Noah Levin

Manager, Metadata & Digital Asset Management
Springer Publishing

The webinar will include an overview of the knowledge base supply chain and perspectives of participants; how the KBART Standing Committee members contribute to its ongoing development; how KBART endorsement works with the KBART Registry; and an update on what's next for KBART.


To listen to and watch the archived recording of this event on the Zoom platform, click here.