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RA21: Resource Access for the 21st Century

Open Teleconference

NISO Executive Director Todd Carpenter will welcome Jon Bentley, Commercial Director at OpenAthens and Tim Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer at LibLynx.  The three will chat about the project in general and the status of recent activities. 

RA21's mission is to align and simplify user pathways to subscribed content across participating scientific platforms. RA21 will address the common problems users face when interacting with multiple and varied information protocols. The International Association of STM Publishers and NISO are working together to ensure that expectations of researchers, libraries, and resource providers are met. 

Publishers, libraries, and consumers have all come to the understanding that authorizing access to content based on IP address no longer works in today's distributed world. The RA21 project hopes to resolve some of the fundamental issues that create barriers to moving to federated identity in place of IP-address authentication by looking at some of the products and services available in the identity discovery space today, and determining best practice for future implementations going forward.

More information on RA21 is available at the project website.

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The recording for this teleconference is now available:

Audio Recording, Nov 19, 2018 Open Teleconference, RA21 /sites/default/files/audio/2018-11/OpenTelecon_RA21_Nov20%2C2018.m4a