Information Standards in Practice

NISO and ISO information standards and recommended practices have been adopted by hundreds of organizations all over the world, including the examples on this page — please contact us so that we can share yours too!

Want to cite a standard?

NISO publications are all assigned identifiers or in standards parlance, designations, which are used when citing a standard. They provide details to uniquely distinguish the work and supply information on its up-to-date-ness. For ease of reading, they are not included here, but they are accessible via the links. 

Want an overview of standards in publishing systems?

Check out this great eight-part webinar series on Standardizing Standards: Publishing with STS, eXtyles, and Typefi a co-production of NISO member organizations Inera and Typefi.

Want some light reading on standards?

Find out what our NISO Plus 2020 scholarship winners told us when we asked them, If You Were An Information Standard, Which One Would You Be?

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