Library Standards Alliance

What Is The Library Standards Alliance?

"Standards provide libraries and librarians with a key method of translating their values into actions." 
    - Paul Evan Peters, Chair of the NISO Board of Directors, 1989-1991


Libraries are a primary beneficiary of NISO standards and many librarians have contributed to the development of NISO standards. The Library Standards Alliance is an easy way for libraries to support NISO directly. Although libraries are not excluded from becoming Voting Members of NISO, the voting membership dues are more appropriate for corporations and non-profit organizations serving many libraries.

As an Alliance member you will actively support NISO standards development work and be kept up-to-date on NISO national and international standards activities.

Benefits of Joining the Library Standards Alliance

  • Support Open Access to NISO Standards on the NISO Website
    Support from the Library Standards Alliance membership is making this free distribution possible. Alliance members are listed on the NISO website and Alliance members can link from the NISO website to their own sites.
  • Ability to serve on Working Groups
    LSA members can nominate NISO working group participants to support development of standards for our community.  They also have priority access to groups that have limitations on the number of Working group
  • Free Access to NISO Webinars
    All LSA members will receive free access to all NISO monthly webinars.  (Virtual Conferences, jointly sponsored webinars, e.g. NISO/NFAIS webinars, are not included but members may register a discounted rate). In addition to access to the live NISO webinars, members will also receive access to the recorded archives of previous years. Each archive is available with no limitation to access, and will remain so unless NISO changes providers or looses access to the files). 
  • E-mail Alerts to New Draft Standards and Approved Standards
    Timely e-mail alerts notify NISO Alliance members of draft standards and newly approved NISO standards. The draft standards alert signifies a time period whereby interested parties may comment. By commenting on draft standards, Alliance members participate in standards development.
  • Early Notification of NISO Events & Discounted Member Registration 
    Throughout the year, NISO holds various forums, webinars, workshops, and other meetings. With your LSA membership, you will receive advanced notification of these upcoming events and discounted member registration rates.

How to Become a NISO Library Standards Alliance (LSA) Member

Responsibilities of Library Standards Alliance Members:

  • Designate a Primary Contact for the LSA membership.
  • Designate a Webinar Contact
  • Designate a Billing Contact.
  • Pay annual dues.
  • Easy renewal process via invoice or Credit Card authorization.

2018 Membership Dues

  • Level 1: $1,160 per year - Applies to Libraries within doctoral/research Universities, national libraries, and large government, public, or state libraries.
  • Level 2: $695 per year - Applies to all other types of Libraries.

The membership year is January 1 to December 31. Renewal membership dues are assessed annually in October for the following calendar year. Payment is due on January 1st.

New memberships that begin after Friday, June 30, 2017 will be pro-rated for the remaining calendar term. The following will apply:

2017 Full year (required for joining in Q1 and Q2) 
      Level 1 $97 x # of 2018 remaining months + $1,125 for 2019
      Level 2 $58 x # of 2018 remaining months + $675 for 2019

Membership Eligibility & Application 

Membership in NISO's Library Standards Alliance (LSA) welcomes academic, public, special, and government libraries and library association worldwide that have an active interest in collaborating on information standards. Please complete the application form to join.