Transfer Publishers

The publishers below have all endorsed the Transfer Code of Practice.  This means that they will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that any journal transfers in which they are involved are consistent with the Code.

Publishers who are interested in signing up to the Code should contact one of the Transfer Working Group co-Chairs, James Phillpotts or Jennifer Bazeley.

The current list of endorsing publishers:

PublishersMain Transfer ContactctTitle

Academic Rights Press Ltd
Roger Press 

Audrey McCulloch

American Diabetes Association
Chris Kohler
Director, Scholarly Journal Publishing

AIP Publishing LLC
Jason Wilde
Chief Publishing Officer

American Psychological Association
Susan Harris
Senior Director, Journals

Trudie Retief
Publishing Manager

Berg Publishers
Julia Hall
Senior Commissioning Editor

Berghahn Journals
Vivian Berghahn
Editorial Director

Nicole Colovos
Senior Director Marketing Communications

BMJ Group
Peter Ashman
Publishing Director

Brill Publishers
Sam Bruinsma
Director of Business Development & E-Publishing

Cambridge University Press
Irene Pala
Operations Manager

Canadian Science Publishing
Judy Busnarda
Manager, Publishing Servicesr

Co-Action Publishing 
Lena Wistrand
Production & Operations Manager

Duke University Press
Kim Steinle
Library Relations and Sales Manager

Earthscan Publishers
Simon Rallison

Edinburgh University Press
Sarah Edwards
Head of Journals

EDP Sciences
Agnès Henri
Publishing Director

Shelly Nuttall 

Laura Jenkins
Rights Manager

Janet Joyce
Managing Director

Joanie Lavoie
Subscription and Promotion Manager

European Respiratory Society
Elin Reeves
Head of Publications

Future Science Ltd
Laura Dormer
Editorial Director

GUD Publishing
Kaolin Fire
Founding Editor

Hindawi Publishing
Paul Peters
Chief Executive Officer

ICE Publishing
Ben Ramster
Journal Editorial Officer

Carlos Vazquez

Jane Roscoe
Head of Business Development

IOS Press
Maarten Fröhlich

Irish Newspaper Archives
Phillip Martin 

Liverpool University Press
Clare Hooper
Journals Publishing Manager

Manchester University Press
Simon Bell
Director of Sales and Marketing

Now Publishers
Zac Rolnik 

Oxford University Press
James Phillpotts 

Penn State University Press
Patrick Alexander

Portland Press/Biochemical Society
Niamh O'Connor
Head of Publishing

Royal Society of Chemistry
Mike Hannant
Publishing Services Manager

Rural Sociological Society
Ralph Brown
Executive Director

Rockefeller University Press
Gregory Malar
Business Development Director

Sage Publications
Lucy Robinson
Executive Publisher

Society for General Microbiology
Rachel Walker / Leighton Chipperfield

Society for Science & the Public
Mike Mills
Chief Digital Officer and Associate Publisher

Springer Nature
Tamara Welschot
Publishing Operations

Stockholm University Press
Sofie Wennström
Journals Manager

Taylor & Francis
Helen White
Business Support Manager

The Clute Institute
Ronald Clute

The Royal Society
Charles Lusty
Head of Publishing Operations

Ubiquity Press Ltd
Tom Mowlam
Director of Operations

University of Chicago Press
Michael Magoulias
Journals Division Director

University of Wisconsin Press
Toni Gunnison
Journals Manager

Walter de Gruyter
Wolfgang Böttner
Senior Manager Journal Business Development

Wiley Blackwell
Rochelle Belanger
Circulation Manager

Wolters Kluwer Health
Anna Troise
Vice President, Medical Publishing