Conversation on MECA with Tony Alves & Stephen Laverick

The Open Teleconference in April was a conversation with the working group co-chairs of NISO's Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) Standing Committee, which works to support and explore future requirements for NISO RP-30-2020, Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) Recommended Practice.

Tony Alves and Stephen Laverick are the two co-chairs joining Nettie Lagace, Associate Executive Director of NISO, to discuss the need for MECA, how it works, and what's happening now in the regular meetings of the Standing Committee.

The MECA Recommended Practice provides a common means to easily transfer manuscripts between manuscript systems, such as those in use at publishers and preprint servers. Previously, in workflow processes such as manuscript rejection or alternate recommendation for article submission, there was no straightforward way for a manuscript to move programmatically from one publisher system to another's. Use of MECA obviates frustration for authors and reviewers who complained of wasted time and delays in enabling access to new research. The MECA open protocol supports improved publishing operations and stakeholder communication. 

Listen to the recording below: