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NISO Documents

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Annual Reports

Policies and Procedures


NISO Framework

The NISO Framework is laid out fully in the article, "NISO Framework to Direct New Committee Governance Structure," written by Todd Carpenter, NISO Managing Director (now Executive Director), for the NISO journal Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ -- Volume 19, issue 2/3 -- April/July 2007).  The Framework is "an overarching model and roadmap for all of NISO’s standards work" and is reviewed regularly by NISO's Architecture Committee.
The NISO Strategic Directions document was published in January 2015. It is an analysis of future potential areas of work, created by the members of the Business Information, Content and Collections Management, and Discovery to Delivery Topic Committees, and reviewed by the NISO Architecture Committee

Strategic Plan

Information on the Strategic Planning Panel, the Blue Ribbon Panel Report, and NISO's Strategic Directions document.