Pay your NISO Dues or Invoice

Credit Card Payment

New or existing members can easily pay for their annual membership by completing the credit card authorization form. 

Just fill out the form, and e-mail back to or fax (preferred) to +1-410-685-5278.  You may also call the office and provide this information directly to the NISO staff, should you prefer.

Members invoiced for their membership dues, can receive a link to provide an online credit card payment processing through Intuit. Direct ONLINE payments will be available in 2018. 

NISO Credit Card Authorization Form

Electronic Funds Transfer

NISO can also receive payments via a bank electronic funds transfer or wire transfer.  Instructions on how to electronically send money to NISO are in the document linked below.

Please e-mail notice that the payment was sent to or fax to +1-410-685-5278 to confirm payment was received.

NISO ACH Instructions