SUSHI for Librarians: Getting Started with SUSHI

In basic terms, The SUSHI protocol provides instructions to automate the collection of usage statistics reports, which youíd otherwise manually download from a vendor website or receive via email. If you have an electronic resource management (ERM) system at your library, setting up SUSHI might be as simple as filling out a configuration screen. If you donít have an ERM that works with SUSHI, you may be interested in developing your own system to collect reports. For help with this, see: (

You, or your ERM vendor, can collect reports via SUSHI from any compliant vendor ( or from compliant collection services such as ScholarlyStats. For an example, see a presentation by Hana Levay which outlines how to configure Innovative Millennium ERM to collect usage statistics from ScholarlyStats (

Be sure to read the FAQ for librarians ( for help getting your system configured or for more information about the protocol itself. If you still need help after reading through the FAQ and other resources on the site, donít hesitate to email the SUSHI developers email list ( with your questions.