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RFID Revision Working Group Charge

See the full original work item proposal at: http://www.niso.org/apps/group_public/document.php?document_id=3425&wg_abbrev=ccm

Project Goals

  • Examine the details of (soon to be approved) ISO 28560-1 and ISO 28560-2 standards to identify the conflicts between the NISO Recommended Practice and the ISO standards. Suggest ways to improve the conformance between the NISO Recommended Practice and the ISO standard.
  • Examine the details of ISO 28560-3 and make recommendations regarding its use (or lack thereof) in the USA.
  • Examine the data model in the ISO standard to see which optional elements in the model should be made “highly desirable” in the USA implementations.
  • Interpret some aspects of the ISO standard by providing USA-specific examples to make implementations easier for manufacturers and libraries.

Specific Deliverables and Objectives

  • Produce a new version of the NISO Recommended Practice document with a possible title of RFID Systems in US Libraries and Conformance with the ISO 28560 Standard. The Recommended Practice will include:
    • A checklist (for libraries and vendors) that can be used to evaluate the degree of conformance with the ISO 28560.
    • A set of recommend practices and procedures to insure interoperability among US RFID implementations.
    • A list of suggestions to reduce the impact of migrating from non-conforming systems to conforming systems or running with “mixed” tag systems (older tags and newer conforming tags).
  • Help in the promulgation of this information by making presentations at various library conferences and through NISO Webinars.