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Metasearch Initiative - TG1 - Access Management

Standards Committee BA

Chair: Michael Teets , OCLC Online Computer Library Center     

NISO SDC liaison: Patricia Stevens , NISO



The Access Management Task Group was charged with gathering requirements for Metasearch authentication and access needs, inventorying existing processes now in place, and developing a series of formal use cases describing the needs. Specific deliverables include:

  • A definitions document of Access Management and Metasearch terms
  • Defined distinctions in Access Management between user access and agent access
  • Understanding basic requirements of constituents
  • An inventory of methods and techniques in use today
  • Use cases describing authentication and access needs
  • Defined statistics that must be kept to satisfy access management systems


Visit the Task Group's WIKI to follow activities and review working copies of documents. For final versions of documents, visit the Metasearch Initiative official webpage


Susan Campbell

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Tim Shearer

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Patricia Stevens NISO SDC Liaison

4733 Bethesda Avenue
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Michael Teets Chairperson

  OCLC Online Computer Library Center
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William Ying

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