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NISO Metasearch Strategy Workshop: May 7-8, 2003 in Denver Colorado

Report on the NISO Metasearch Strategy Workshop

NISO Members and others were invited to participate in a strategy workshop to explore standards needed to support federated searching.

About the MetaSearch Meeting

The goal of the meeting was to define the activities NISO will support over the next 12 to 18 months. Participants:

  • Defined current environment and identify problems and issues that NISO activities might address and improve
  • Reviewed existing standards and approaches: examples - Z39.50 profile activities, Web services based approaches like SRW/SRU, and Shibboleth
  • Defined NISO activities.

Planning Team

Planning Team Roster

Workshop Agenda and Papers

As the Agenda shows this meeting was highly interactive. Workshop papers gave background on the key issues:

The workshop presentations, defining the problem areas from a variety of perspectives, are listed below:

Prior to the meeting Ralph LeVan presented a web-seminar briefing on SRW/U, an emerging standard that web-enables the Z39.50 Protocol.


Report of the January 27, 2003 meeting