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Topic Committees manage a discrete area of standards work. Each Topic Committee works with the community it serves to develop and maintain the plans necessary to sustain an active standards program for its area. This may include a research and learning plan, a standards development plan, and an implementation plan for its area of work. It then manages the work necessary to carry out those plans. There are currently three Topic Committees:

Business Information
Content & Collection Management
Discovery to Delivery

See also NISO's Architecture Committee.

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NISO Topic Committees

As part of NISO's organizational structure, topic committees that bring together leaders in specific subjects have been created to provide direction to the organization for standards development in those umbrella topic areas.

The topic committees are charged with the following tasks:

  • Track standards development within NISO and in other standards organizations related to the topic.
  • Identify where new standards may provide solutions in their specific area.
  • Convene Thought Leader meetings to incubate new standards activities.
  • Create and provide guidance and oversight to standards working groups under their purview.
  • Manage the five-year reaffirmation process for approved standards.

For more information, see Topic Committee Overview.