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Superseded SUSHI Schemas


About These Schemas

The schemas on this webpage have all been superseded and are no longer supported. They are maintained here for reference purposes and for those who are still using the older versions. The current supported schemas can be found on the SUSHI Schemas webpage.

Superseded SUSHI Core Schemas and WSDLs

SUSHI core schema and WSDL -- version 1.5

Note: This is the version of the schema that was issued at the same time as the standard.

SUSHI core schema and WSDL -- version 1.3

Note: Version 1.3 contains changes to address issues identified during the trial period. It has been superseded by version 1.5, which complies with the SUSHI standard, ANSI/NISO Z39.93-2007. Version 1.3 introduced the accompanying counter-sushi.xsd.

SUSHI core schema and WSDL - version 1.0

Note: Version 1.0 was in compliance with the Draft Standard for Trial Use, NISO Z39.93-200X. The trial period ran from September 20, 2006 through May 20, 2007.

Beta test SUSHI core schema and WSDL - version 0.1

Note: Version 0.1 was the original beta test version of the schema and wsdl.


Superseded COUNTER-SUSHI Schemas and WSDLs

COUNTER-SUSHI schema and WSDL -- version 3.0

  • counter_sushi3_0.xsd 
    Major version: 3.0; October 1, 2008; documentation edits October 20, 2008 (Change notes)

    This schema binds the COUNTER 3.0 schema with the SUSHI 1.6 schema to allow COUNTER reports to be delivered via the SUSHI protocol.


COUNTER-SUSHI schema and WSDL -- version 2.5

Note: Version 2.5 of the counter_sushi schema works with version 1.5 of the core schema and version 2.5 of the counter schema. This new version of the counter_sushi schema was created to support both Codes of Practice as well as the new consortium reports.

COUNTER-SUSHI schema and WSDL -- version 1.5

Note: Version 1.5 was issued with the SUSHI standard. It only supports the Journals and Database Code of Practice.

COUNTER-SUSHI protocol schema -- version 1.3

Note: Version 1.3 was the first version of the counter-sushi schema. It was introduced to better generalize the core SUSHI schema.

Superseded COUNTER Schemas

COUNTER schemas are designed to create XML versions of the COUNTER Code of Practice report formats. They may be used independently of SUSHI.

COUNTER -- All Codes of Practice - version 3.0

Note: This included minor adjustments to the COUNTER schema. See the current schema for a list of the changes that were made.

  • counter3_0.xsd 
    Major version: 3.0; updated May 27, 2009 
    The schema for COUNTER reports in XML format.
  • counterElements3_0.xsd 
    Major version: 3.0; updated June 15, 2009 
    This schema lists the enumerated elements referenced in the counterElements3_0.xsd schema.

COUNTER -- All Codes of Practice - version 2.5

  • counter2_5.xsd (corrected March 13, 2008; filename corrected April 28, 2008)

Note: This schema was created for any of the COUNTER reports (journals, databases, books, reference works, consortium). It introduced the concept of enumerating the allowed schema values outside of the schema to allow new reports and metrics to be added without needing to update the schema each time.

COUNTER Journals and Databases Release 2

Note: This version supports only Release 2 of the Journals and Databases Code of Practice. It was superseded by version 2.5 which supports both Codes of Practice (Books and Reference Works as well as Journals and Databases) and the new consortium reports.