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Information Standards Quarterly

ISSN: 1041-0031

Spring/Summer 2012, v.24, no. 2/3

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Article Title: Joining the Linked Data Cloud in a Cost-Effective Manner
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Author(s): Seth van Hooland, Ruben Verborgh, and Rik Van de Walle
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3789/isqv24n2-3.2012.04
Citation: Van Hooland, Seth, Ruben Verborgh, and Rik Van de Walle. Joining the Linked Data Cloud in a Cost-Effective Manner. Information Standards Quarterly, 2012 Spring/Summer, 24(2/3):24-28.
Abstract: Linked Data hold the promise to derive additional value from existing data throughout different sectors, but practitioners currently lack a straightforward methodology and the tools to experiment with Linked Data. this article gives a pragmatic overview of how general purpose Interactive Data transformation tools (IDts) can be used to perform the two essential steps to bring data into the Linked Data cloud: data cleaning and reconciliation. these steps are explained with the help of freely available data (Cooper-hewitt National Design museum, New York) and tools (google refine), making the process repeatable and understandable for practitioners.