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Information Standards Quarterly

ISSN: 1041-0031

Spring/Summer 2012, v.24, no. 2/3

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Article Title: Europeana: Moving to Linked Open Data
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Author(s): Antoine Isaac, Robina Clayphan, and Bernhard Haslhofer
Citation: Isaac, Antoine, Robina Clayphan, and Bernhard Haslhofer. Europeana: Moving to Linked Open Data. Information Standards Quarterly, 2012 Spring/Summer, 24(2/3):34-40.
Abstract: Europeana is the European Union's flagship digital cultural heritage initiative. the europeana portal, launched in November 2008, showcases the possibility of cross-cultural domain interoperability on a pan-european level. To date, metadata and thumbnails for over 23 million objects have been aggregated from over 1500 providers from the library, archive, museum, and audiovisual domains. It was hoped that cultural heritage communities were ready to think outside the traditional information silos and adopt a linked data paradigm that would enable the development of shared semantic context. As a technical starting point, Europeana carried out a linked open data pilot project. This paper gives an outline of the processes of the pilot project and areas for future work.