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Information Standards Quarterly

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Summer 2011, v.23, no. 3

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Article Title: ORCID: Unique Identifiers for Authors and Contributors
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Author: Martin Fenner
Citation: Fenner, Martin. ORCID: Unique Identifiers for Authors and Contributors. Information Standards Quarterly, 2011 Summer 23(3):10-13. doi:10.3789/isqv23n3.2011.03.
Annotation: The success of unique author identifiers depends on reaching a critical mass. This goal can only be achieved with an open and global registry for unique author identifiers. The Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID) initiative was started in November 2009 to achieve this goal. This article describes some of the important decisions that were made in order to ensure widespread adoption, and therefore success, of the ORCID service.