Best wishes for a prosperous 2010 from NISO

Happy New Year!  I’d like to take this time, on behalf of the NISO staff and the Board of Directors, to thank you for your involvement and interest in NISO over the past year and to wish you and your organization a prosperous and successful 2010.  The past year at NISO has seen some challenges, but more importantly many, many successes.

Everything that we undertake is only possible through the volunteer contributions of members of the NISO community and the financial support of our members.  While everyone producing, sharing, using and preserving information relies on the work that NISO undertakes, few understand the effort and time that go into standards development.  Those of you who participate in the process–either directly on a working group, or on the ballot review groups, or by supporting adoption through education and outreach–understand how challenging and rewarding consensus work can be.

The coming year will see a great deal of important activity on several different fronts.  We look forward to serving the needs of community and to making information flow easier, more rapid and more reliable.  All the best to each of you!