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Press Releases

Press Releases
NISO Releases Draft Altmetrics Recommended Practices on Data Metrics, Alternative Outputs, and Persistent Identifiers 13 May 2016
NISO Releases Altmetrics Definitions and Use Cases for Public Comment 22 Mar 2016
NISO Releases Draft Recommended Practice on Altmetrics Data Quality for Public Comment 25 Feb 2016
NISO Launches New Project to Develop Recommended Practice for Tracking Link Origins 17 Feb 2016
NISO Announces 2016 Virtual Conference Series 20 Jan 2016
NISO Announces Educational Programs for 2016 13 Jan 2016
Two Industry Leaders Join the NISO Staff 08 Jan 2016
NISO Publishes Updated Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) Standard 1.1 07 Jan 2016
NISO Receives Two Grants To Undertake the Creation of a Framework on Data and Privacy 07 Jan 2016
NISO Releases a Set of Principles to Address Privacy of User Data in Library, Content-Provider, and Software-Supplier Systems 14 Dec 2015
NISO Launches New Primer Series with the Publication of Primer on Research Data Management 31 Aug 2015
NISO's Fall Forum on the Future of Discovery to Engage Community and Set Priorities 27 Aug 2015
NISO Launches New Project to Develop XML Standard for Producing Standards Documents 05 Aug 2015
NISO Releases Draft Technical Report on SUSHI Lite for Public Trial and Comment 16 Jul 2015
NISO Elects New Vice Chair and Directors to Serve Community 26 Jun 2015
NISO Publishes Recommended Practice on Exchanging Serial Content 26 Jun 2015
NISO Leadership Edit New Book on Standards in Information Exchange 25 Jun 2015
NISO Launches New Projects to Develop Standards for Bibliographic Vocabulary Exchange 18 Mar 2015
Mellon Grant Awarded to NISO to Explore Patron Privacy in Library and Publisher Systems 11 Mar 2015
Call for Participation to Revise ANSI/NISO Paper Permanence Standard 09 Mar 2015

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