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Current Status (Spring 2014): The Open Discovery Initiative draft Recommended Practice was available for public comment in Fall 2013.  The Working Group has reviewed the comments and composed responses and corresponding changes to the Recommended Practice.  The document is now in its final stages of approval by the Working Group members before it will be presented to the NISO Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee for its review and approval for formal NISO publication. 

ODI Survey report available (January 2013)


The Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) aims at defining standards and/or best practices for the new generation of library discovery services that are based on indexed search. These discovery services are primarily based upon indexes derived from journals, ebooks and other electronic information of a scholarly nature. The content comes from a range of information providers and products--commercial, open access, institutional, etc. Given the growing interest and activity in the interactions between information providers and discovery services, this group is interested in establishing a more standard set of practices for the ways that content is represented in discovery services and for the interactions between the creators of these services and the information providers whose resources they represent.

The ODI working group was formed in late 2011 and held its first meeting in January 2012. As work progresses, these pages will be updated with more information about the specific plans and activities of the group.



ODI Formats, Schemas and Transport Mechanisms - for use with ODI Recommended Practice draft for public comments

Press Release - NISO Launches New Open Discovery Initiative to Develop Standards and Recommended Practices for Library Discovery Services Based on Indexed Search (October 25, 2011)
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