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NISO On the Road

NISO staff are frequently asked to make presentations at various conferences, workshops, and similar events. Slide presentations from those presentations will be added to this webpage to share with those who did not attend the event in person.

Library Assessment Conference 2014
Association of Research Libraries
Seattle, WA
August 4, 2014

ALA Annual Conference
Las Vegas, NV
June 27 - June 30

Presentation: Comparing digital apples to digital apples: An update on NISO's Alternative Assessment Initiative
Todd Carpenter - Executive Director, NISO


Society for Scholarly Publishing 36th Annual Meeting
Boston, MA
May 29, 2014

Presentation: Expanding the Possible: What's New and Upcoming in Standards and Technologies for Publishing
Nettie Lagace - Associate Director of Programs, NISO

NASIG 29th Annual Conference 
Fort Worth, TX
May 3, 2014

Presentation: Actions and Updates from the Standards and Best Practices Front
Nettie Lagace - Associate Director of Programs, NISO

AAAS Annual Meeting 2014
Chicago, IL
February 16, 2014

Presentation: The Infrastructure for Alternative Metrics
Todd Carpenter - Executive Director, NISO 

ICIS: Innovating Communication in Scholarship Meeting 2014
UC Davis, CA
February 13-14, 2014

Presentation: NISO's Altmetrics Iniative
Nettie Lagace - Associate Director of Programs, NISO 

CNI Fall Meeting 2013
Washington, DC
December 9-10, 2013

Presentation: Do we need Standards for Alternative Metrics?
Report on the 
NISO Alternative Assessment Project
Todd Carpenter - Executive Director, NISO 

Presentation: NISO's Open Access Metadata and Indicators Working Group
Nettie Lagace - Associate Director of Programs, NISO

Charleston Conference 2013
Presentations: NISO ONIX-PL Encoding Project
November 8, 2013



Presentation l : Uncork Your Licenses!
How ONIX-PL Can Help License Data Flow

Todd Carpenter - Executive Director, NISO
Selden Durgom LamoureuxSDLinforms
Ashley Bass - Senior Product Manager, ProQuest



Presentation ll: Uncork Your Licenses!
How ONIX-PL can help License data flow : A tour of the ONIX-PL License Encoding Project

Selden Durgom LamoureuxSDLinforms



Presentation lll: Uncork Your Licenses!
How standards serve the ecosystem (from the view of the ERMS vendor)

Ashley Bass - Sr. Product Mgr., ProQuest