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ANSI/NISO Z39.23 - Standard Technical Report Number Format and Creation

1997 (R2009)
Project Type NISO Standard
Current State Published
ANSI Approval Date 04 Jan 2010
Abstract Defines a unique numbering system that improves access to the wealth of scientific and technical reports issued by the government and private organizations. The STRN is an alphanumeric code with a maximum length of 34; for international application an optional country code can be added. The standard explains how and where the code should be assigned and used. A central authority to coordinate and monitor assignments of the code is designated.
ISBN 978-1-880124-30-7
Pagination 12
Managing Topic Committee Content and Collection Management Topic Committee
Maintenance Agency National Technical Information Service
Final Document (PDF) Z39-23.pdf
Notes ISBN(10): 1-880124-30-0 Date of ANSI Approval: 10/8/1996 Date of ANSI Approval (1st reaffirmation): 8/30/2002 Date of ANSI Approval(2nd reaffirmation): 1/4/2010

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