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ANSI/NISO Z39.50 - Information Retrieval : Application Service Definition & Protocol Specification

2003 (R2009)
Project Type NISO Standard
Current State Published
ANSI Approval Date 04 Jan 2010
Abstract This standard defines a client/server based service and protocol for Information Retrieval. It specifies procedures and formats for a client to search a database provided by a server, retrieve database records, and perform related information retrieval functions. The protocol addresses communication between information retrieval applications at the the client and server; it does not address interaction between the client and the end-user.
ISBN 978-1-880124-55-0
Pagination 276
Managing Topic Committee Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee
Maintenance Agency Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/z3950/agency/
Related ISO Standards ISO 23950, Information and documentation -- Information retrieval (Z39.50) -- Application service definition and protocol specification
Final Document (PDF) Z39-50-2003.pdf
Notes ISBN (10): 1-880124-55-6 Z39.50 Resources Original ANSI approval date of 2003 standard: 11/27/2002

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