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NISO Z39.95 - CORE (Cost of Resource Exchange)

Project Type NISO Standard
Current State Cancelled
Abstract CORE defines an XML schema to facilitate the exchange of financial information related to the acquisition of library resources between systems. The two systems may be within the same organization, e.g., an ILS and an ERMS, or from two different organizations, e.g., a subscription agent and a library.
Pagination 0
Managing Topic Committee Business Information Topic Committee
Managing Working Group CORE
Proposal for Project NISOProposedWorkItem_CORE.doc
Draft for Trial Use Documents Z39-95-DSFTU_final01apr09.pdf
Notes Approved for trial by the Business Information Topic Committee on 3/31/2009.
Following a draft period of trial use that ended March 2010, the CORE Working Group and NISO's Business Information Topic Committee voted to approve the document as a Recommended Practice instead of a standard. It was published as NISO RP-10-2010.

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