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Z39.91 - 200X - Collection Description Specification

Project Type NISO Standard
Current State Trial Stage

DRAFT STANDARD FOR TRIAL USE: Period: November 1, 2005 - October 31, 2006
This draft standard defines a means of describing collections, where a collection is defined as an aggregation of items.

The draft standard takes the form of a Dublin Core Application Profile, a specification of how metadata terms from the Dublin Core metadata vocabularies and from other metadata vocabularies, some constructed for use in association with this Dublin Core application profile, are used to construct a description of a collection, in accordance with the DCMI Abstract Model.

It also specifies an XML binding for serializing such descriptions for interchange between applications.

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Managing Topic Committee Content and Collection Management Topic Committee
Managing Working Group Metasearch Initiative - TG2 - Collection Description
Final Document (PDF) Z39-91-DSFTU.pdf

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