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ISO 12083

ANSI/NISO/ISO 12083 - Electronic Manuscript Preparation and Markup

1995 (R2002)
Project Type NISO Standard
Current State Periodic Review
ANSI Approval Date 30 Aug 2002
Abstract In complete conformance with ISO 8879 (SGML - Standard Generalized Markup Language), 12083 provides a toolkit for developing customized SGML applications. Four Document Type Definitions are specified for books, serials, articles, and mathematics. Instructions for the preparation of text for the near automatic conversion to grade-2 braille and for publication in large-print and computer voice editions are included. Note: This was a national adoption of an international ISO standard. Available in hardcopy only.
ISBN 978-1-880124-20-8
Pagination 200
Managing Topic Committee Content and Collection Management Topic Committee
Maintenance Agency The Graphic Communications Association Research Institute (GCARI) http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/gcari-iceapr99.html
Related ISO Standards ISO 12083, Information and documentation -- Electronic manuscript preparation and markup
Notes ISBN (10): 1-880124-20-3

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