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ANSI/NISO Z39.48 - Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives

1992 (R2009)
Project Type NISO Standard
Current State Published
ANSI Approval Date 04 Jan 2010
Abstract Publishers and paper manufacturers, take note! This standard sets the basic criteria for coated and uncoated papers that will last several hundred years under normal use. It covers ph value, tear resistance, alkaline reserve and lignin threshold. Recycled papers will meet the criteria specified. This revision to the original 1984 standard is based on testing conducted by the Institute of Paper Science and Technology and contributions from paper makers, publishers, printers, and the preservation community.
ISBN 978-1-880124-00-0
Pagination 10
Managing Topic Committee Content and Collection Management Topic Committee
Related ISO Standards ISO 9706, Information and documentation -- Paper for documents -- Requirements for permanence
Final Document (PDF) Z39-48-1992R2002.pdf
Notes ISBN (10): 1-880124-00-9 Z39.48 Resources ANSI Approval Date (original): 10/26/1992 ANSI Approval Date (1st reaffirmation): 8/30/2002 ANSI Approval Date (2nd reaffirmation): 1/4/2010

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