April 8 Open Teleconference - KBART Automation

Open Teleconference

On April 8, participants learned more about the work from the NISO KBART Automation Working Group (long name: "Enhancing KBART for Automated Exchange of Title Lists and Library Holdings"). 

Working Group members Abigail Wickes (Oxford University Press), C. Derrik Hiatt (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi) and Stephanie Doellinger (OCLC) joined NISO Associate Director for Programs Nettie Lagace to discuss the work from different stakeholder perspectives and update callers on the latest activities of the working group. 

This project, begun in early 2017, is creating a NISO Recommended Practice to support individual library holdings of electronic products and to automate the request and retrieval of KBART reports for title lists and library holdings. With further automation, the customer's holdings in link resolvers and discovery services can be kept up-to-date and accurate, thus improving access to the content subscribed to through that publisher. 

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The recording for the event is available:

Audio Recording, April 8, 2019 Open Teleconference, NISO KBART Automation Working Group