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American National Standard Safety Requirements for Dry Martinis ANSI K100.1-1974

Friday, April 1st, 2011

We all realize the critical role that standards play in everyday life, even if we don’t recognize their application in our busy schedules.  This is true even of the most obvious activities.  I expect that most bartenders are unaware of the American National Standard Safety Requirements for Dry Martinis ANSI K100.1-1974.  While this standard may be in either stable or continuous maintenance state, because of it apparently unchanged state since 1974.  This standard was a revision of the original and groundbreaking 1966 standard, which is still available from unauthorized archive sources.   The standard committee, led by Gilbey Gordon Booth, was convened under the authority of the Water Conservation League, a now defunct industry non-profit representing organizations such as The American Society of Bar Supporters, the Gin Council of America, the Standard Stirrers of the United States, the Olive Institute, and the Vermouth Council.

The Scope of the standard is described as:

“This Standard on dry martini cocktails includes nomenclature, size, ingredients, proportions, mixing methods, and test procedures. It applies to martini cocktails prepared for personal consumption, for distribution in bars, restaurants, and other places of public gathering, and to cocktails served in the home or offices of business and social acquaintance.”

As per NISO’s policy of providing standards of significant value to the community, we are providing a link to the copy of the standard free of charge.  Authorized copies of the standard are still available for delivery from the IHS Standard Store free of charge.

Island of Sans Sariffe

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Collecting maps is one of my hobbies.  I’ve always loved how people view the world in years gone by and how they tried to represent their views on paper.  There’s a very intersting site, Strangemaps.com, which highlights the various miscellany of maps and geographical display.  Earlier this month, the site highlighted the great semi-colonial state San Serriffe, one of the great April Fool’s Day pranks by the Guardian newspaper in the UK.  Those of you in the publishing world might find this amusing for the references to typography.  Others in our community focused on the issue of country codes might also find a place for this island nation in ISO 3166.

 Island of San Seriffe 

More about the history of San Serriffe can be found here on the Museum of Hoaxes website.