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Does your ebook lack that sensory experience?

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Do your e-books lack that special something that print had?  Do you miss the feel and smell of old-fashioned paper and ink?  Well, you needn’t worry any longer.  A new product was released earlier this year that could be the answer to your yearning for the heyday of the printing press: The Smell of Books

This “aerosol ebook enhancer” is purported to be compatible with a wide range of formats and is described as 100% DRM-compatible.  It is even noted to work with the DAISY Talking Book (NISO Z39.86) standard format.  Smell of Books™ is available in five designer aromas.

*  New  Book Smell
*  Classic Musty Smell
*  Scent of Sensibility
*  Eau You Have Cats
*  Crunchy Bacon Scent

I’ve submitted a request for a trial size some to test on my new Kindle.  I’ll post a review once it arrives!

NB: I came across this site today, while searching for examples of funny forgeries.  Thanks to the Museum of Hoaxes for the link.

Revising the Digital Talking Book Standard

Friday, August 8th, 2008

The NISO membership has approved a new working group to revise the DAISY/NISO Digital Talking Book Standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.86). Of critical importance to the visually impaired community, this standard defines the format and content of the electronic file set that comprises a digital talking book (DTB) and establishes a limited set of requirements for DTB playback devices.  The goal of the revision is to modularize and update it to take advantage of improved technologies.   The DAISY (Digital Accessible Information SYstem) Consortium serves as the maintenance agency for the standard, which was first released in 2002.  Earlier this year, the “Save as DAISY” plugin was included in Microsoft’s Office suite.  More information was published in an article last November and the official plug-in release from Microsoft.  The availability of this plug-in provides wide accessibility of the standard for broad consumer application.   A working group roster is now being formed. Anyone who would like to join this working group, or be part of the affiliated interest group, should contact Karen Wetzel, NISO’s Standards Program Manager.