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License Expression Working Group

  Group Description  
The National Information Standards Organization, Digital Library Federation (DLF), EDItEUR, and Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) have agreed to form a License Expression Working Group to develop a single standard for the exchange of license information between publishers and libraries.

The DLF has supported ground-breaking work in this area through its Electronic Resource Management Initiative (ERMI) and EDItEUR has used the ERMI requirements as the foundation of its work in developing its ONIX for Licensing proof of concept model. NISO's May 2005 Digital Rights Expression Workshop identified the need to coordinate and consolidate standards efforts in digital licensing rights expression.

The working group, co-chaired by Nathan Robertson (University of Maryland Law Library) and Alicia Wise (Publishers Licensing Society, UK), has as its initial charge to:

1. Monitor and make recommendations regarding the further development of standards relating to electronic resources and license expression, including but not limited to the ERMI and EDItEUR work.

2. Actively engage in the development of the ONIX license messaging specification.

The technical working group will develop the recommendations based on review and comments. A review group will monitor work in progress and provide feedback to the technical group.