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Comment #00761 - inline media - z39_96-2015.pdf (revision #1)

Comment 761
New (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.1 (Revision 1)
Comment Submitted by
Mike Eden
2017-10-10 03:06:53

JATS recommends not to use elements such as <inline-supplementary-material> and <supplementary-material> if calling in "integral" media, but instead use media. However there is no equivalent of <inline-supplementary-material> 

In a scenario where a Phonetics paper has a number of audio files relating to the distinction of sounds of speech, the paper wants to allow a user to click on the word or phrase and be able to hear the relevant audio. This content can/should be considered integral to the meaning of the article so <inline-supplementary-material> should not be used.

It has been suggested that <named-content> with <ext-link> can be used, but neither of these have the attributes mime-type or mime-subtype to declare media formats.

Submitter Proposed Solution

Suggested new element <inline-media>

<p>This is illustrated by ... <inline-media id="audio022" mimetype="audio" mime-subtype="mp3" xlink:href="audio1filename">l??</inline-media>.....</p>

To have the same content model as <inline-supplementary-material>